LaPalma C29 Diaz Beach

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Accommodation Features

  • Walking distance to beach
  • Private access to main beach from complex
  • Bedding
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Towels
  • Fully equipped wooden braai on balcony
  • TV with Easy View
  • Undercover parking in security complex

Directions from entrance gate

Drive through main entrance gate

Turn right immediately after you have driven through the entrance gate and drive around  the block of flats till you see the shade net parking. Parking for C13 and C29  is under the shade net almost to the right of the end row.

Behind the building,  stair cases or 2 lifts provide excess to the  floor levels.

Flat no. 13 is positioned almost  to the middle of the 1st floor

Directions to trailer parking

Immediately after passing through the  entrance gate  on your left  you will see the row of garages. On the opposite side of the garages marked parking for trailers are provided.

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